WHAT IS BS EN 15713?

The BS EN 15713 Standard is a set of guidelines following industry best-practice for the secure storage and disposal of sensitive materials.

It covers the security of the premises, as well as how confidential material is collected, handled, transported, stored and destroyed – from the point of collection to the completion of destruction.


BS EN 15713 will ensure that your business has control over its confidential waste.

The benefits this will bring include –
  • Your business will have a reduced risk of fines from data protection regulators for a breach in legal obligations
  • Industry standard guidelines mean that you can be confident that confidential information is disposed of securely, reducing the risk to your reputation from confidential data leaks
  • Provide reassurance to your clients that your business is committed to confidentiality
  • Improved business reputation and increased customer satisfaction will contribute to increased contract and tender opportunities.